• Splash Frozen Tropical Drink Sensation


We here at SPLASH believe that quality should come first. Our product is 100% natural using the very best fruit we can find. There are no preservatives used in our all natural line of products. Our shelf stable line of cocktail and daiquiri mixes are made with real fruit and are always flavorful, natural tasting and delicious. All of our flavors come frozen to maintain maximum freshness. Our soft serve mix can be poured directly into your ice cream machine to produce delicious creamy vanilla or chocolate soft serve. Our Cola and Juice concentrates are made to order and follow the same strict standards. All of our cocktail and daiquiri mixes; colas, juices, Teas, lemonades and fruit punches are always big and bold in flavor. 

We at Splash Drinks search the world to find the best quality, best tasting freshest ingredients so you may enjoy all of our products to their fullest. We purchase our ingredients in large quantities so that you will have the predictable quality and consistency keeping your customers satisfied in the products they are drinking.

We at Splash Drinks are committed to providing superior products developed using only the purest and freshest ingredients, service and customer support.